Our Gurus

Our Gurus

Drupal Architect

Build a tailor-made infrastructure for your application with a Drupal Architect. He will listen your needs, design your data model and your Drupal instance, create documentations, help you to organize your team and follow it for the whole duration of the project.

Drupal Lead Developer

Our lead developer is the professional you need if you want someone that can direct and organize your team and bridge the gap between functional and technical people. Will ensure the respect of deadlines and the final quality of your Drupal application.

Drupal Developer

A Drupal senior developer is a consultant with great experience on the product and on customer projects. Will help to speed up development, finding technical solutions that best meet your needs while remaining a reference point in your team.

Drupal Themer

Our frontend developers convert your web design to Drupal with perfect integration and efficiency. He manages all Drupal frontend standards (PHPTemplate or Twig) and optimizes your templates in small, individual, re-usable fragments to increase flexibility.

Drupal Migrator

Expert in data storage techniques, this experts can help you to migrate from an existing project toward Drupal 7 or 8. He can handle any kind of data, matching your specific needs and building for you professional migration tools to minimize cost impact.

Drupal Trainer

Our Drupal Trainers, with real development expertise, can share Drupal knowledge in developers and designers through on-site courses. With custom course programs, they can teach to address specific training needs within your organization.